w00t the fuck is going on?

So over at merriam-webster.com, you can find their Words of 2007. This list was put together based on votes from visitors to the site. Their top word of the year? W00t. No, seriously.

Am I the only person bothered by this? I mean, come on. How does this even make sense? Fuck. For shame, Merriam-Webster, for shame. First of all, w00t isn’t even in their database; it is in their “open dictionary,” which is their version of urban dictionary—a dictionary whose entries are user generated. Though I’m not quite sure why open-dictionary words were eligible for inclusion in this list.

Who the hell voted for that word, anyway? “OOOOOOH, a form of internet slang that peaked in popularity three years ago? How excellent! I think I will choose that as my word of the year!”

Dear God, I think I may have to go piss on my collegiate dictionary now.

No, I’m not giving the definition and I refuse to use it in an ironic sense ever again. Blast you, e-lexicographers. Blast you and your stupid voting system!


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