Awwwwwww BLECH

Blech is an interesting “word.” Considered more of an utterance than an actual word to most people, it has a couple of uses, but only one that is particularly widespread. Here’s a typical instance:

“Yo, dude . What’s up? How was dinner last night?”
“Blech! It was nasty. Instead of pork, our dumplings were filled with grey pubic hair.”

Here, in an example of its most common usage, it is an indicator of disgust. However, for those familiar with hardcore music from the mid to late 90s, it has an entirely different meaning. Popularized by the innovative vocal stylings of Rick Healey, of the band 25 Ta Life (and, later, Comin’ Correct), it came to mean whatever you wanted it to. Let’s review the evidence. Following are the lyrics to the song Short Fuse (apologies for the grammar mistakes, I just copied and pasted because I’m lazy):

You ain’t down with my actions you ain’t down with what I say. Kid that’s your opinion now get outta my way. Cause face to face my shit will blow up. Mush ya in da face my respect I’ll take. Speaking the truth and your getting upset. To caught up in those fantasies that fill your head. Shortfuse and your keepin on me. Testing my patience that’s the wrong thing. Short fuse and your pissing me off put up you fists. Show me what you’re made of.

Below is a video of this song being performed at the Wetlands (RIP) in 1996. If you are lazy, skip to about 1:13 or so for the first really great “blech.”

As you can see, “blech” is used here to great effect. Enunciation is for da birds, Rick would say. But, he’d pronounce it “blech blech da blech.” Try it out! If you have something uncomfortable to bring up with someone, pull a Rick Ta Life. Say your boyfriend really needs to trim his pubic hair (and perhaps use them as dumpling-filling) because that shit is nasty and you already own some dental floss. Your boyfriend, let’s call him Todd, is also a hugely whiny and defensive pussy (who, by the way, you are way too good for). So, bringing this up would spark yet another conversation about how you are always cutting him down. Instead of saying, “Todd, my ravager, I was hoping it would be possible for you to perhaps trim the lawn beneath your mighty oak of fuck,” simply translate it to Rick-speak: “blech blech blech bleeeeeeeeeeeeeech fuck.”

Problem solved! When he doesn’t do it, you can accuse him of not listening to you and dump his ass for a hairless love god from some foreign country (people HATE getting dumped for foreigners).

Now, from this evolved a different, though related, use of blech. This newer usage stays a little closer to the roots of the term in the sense that it is simply an utterance—a glorified grunt, even. Bands began to blech before super brutal mosh parts. More of an exclamation of brutality than anything else, the blech is used to alert everyone that they are about to be expected to mosh heavily or risk being a huge pussy and a poser. A good example is in the video below. The sound quality is poor, but you will get over it. I recommend forwarding to roughly 2:00 if you find the music intolerable. At around this point, there is a minorly brutal mosh part going on, but at 2:18, the singer Blechs the fuck outta the crowd and suddenly the hardness factor increases immensely. check it:

That’s right. In closing, I’d like to just say, blech blech, bitches.


3 thoughts on “Awwwwwww BLECH

  1. Jose

    I think that another post on the etymology of blech would be great!
    Because after all, RTL’s “Blech” was a direct rip off of Agnostic Front’s early 90s vocal “blech”
    Even more – AF with RTL as a roadie toured with Obituary – who also adopted many “blechhs” from Celtic Frost.

    1. mr lun Post author

      An interesting thought. Roger is, of course, godfather of blech, but something about him doesn’t cry out for the irreverent style of commentary i bring to the dollar-store table.

      However, a serious report on the art of the mosh call may be worth exploring.


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