I’m Vincent. I created this blog because I am sick of great words going to waste. Sure, it is natural that, as years pass, new words will creep into our collective lexicon. I just don’t see why the old and the new can’t get along. This blog is dedicated to keeping alive those words that just aren’t fashionable anymore: words of all shapes, sizes, and etymologies. Now, let’s not get it twisted; I’m not anti-progress when it comes to the language, I love words of all ages. I just don’t believe in casting an excellent word like “nincompoop” into the pit of obsoleteness simply because some douchebag with a popular Myspace page thinks that “dicktard,” or what have you, is a better and more contemporary alternative. (Now, I know that those two probably aren’t completely synonymic, but you’re getting what I’m putting down, right?)

So, that’s my story. I won’t bother telling you about me because I’m not that important.