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An Egregious Decline In Funniness

One of my favorite TV shows of all time is the British bizarro-comedy League of Gentlemen (first season only). The show follows several characters who live in the small town of Royston Vasey. Almost all of the major characters are played by the same set of actors who make up the comedy troupe from whose name the show’s title was taken. The first season of the show is dark humor at its finest. The residents of Royston Vasey are a disturbingly hilarious bunch who leap prodigiously over the line separating eccentric and insane–characters such as Pauline, the unemployment counselor who treats her students like remedial third-graders; Harvey Denton, the toad- and masturbation-obsessed man who chastises his nephew Benjamin for having the gall to drop a deuce in the bathroom; and Hilary Briss, the butcher who peddles a mysteriously addictive meat to those select patrons who are in the know. Continue reading


To Toots Or Not To Toots

One of my favorite courtesy titles for the fine, fair females of the world is, “toots.” Maybe it’s because Dustin Hoffman was a total babe in drag; maybe I just like the sharp sound of the word—the consonancy of the hard T’s at either end, dragged out by that sneaky S. Over the years, however, “toots” has lost its popularity. It seems to have taken on a negative connotation. This is due in part, no doubt to its originating in an age of much greater sexual inequality. It’s the sort of word you imagine a hard drinking, chain smoking, womanizing private detective from the 50s tossing out there at the various clients he has ravaged. Continue reading