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blustery paragraphs smash your phonograph in half

Everyone knows some fool who is all huff and puff but with no real bite or even substance. It’s either some dude you hang out with because you’ve known him/her for years, your friend’s annoying significant other, your significant other’s annoying friend, or some other miscellaneous figure on the periphery of your life’s landscape. These types muster up the energy to bluster like a tornado, but all you want is to put on your headphones until they walk away.

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Memo From The Department Of Redundancies Department

On the train coming home today, I heard someone say “Well, irregardless, I still think you should have given more notice.” Ugh. I hate that word. What do the extra two letters add? Nothing, that’s what! Generally assumed to be a combination of irrespective and regardless, it is alarmingly commonplace in daily conversation. It is the spare part of adverbs, and you should both mock and chastise anyone you know who uses it with any degree of frequency. Continue reading